My everyday jewellery

Hi lovelies! Today I decided to share with you some of my every day jewellery. I love jewelleries -especially gold – and I wear a little something everyday. I have to say that I feel naked without watch and rings. I wanted to share them with you so I hope you enjoy finding out what jewellery I wear almost everyday.

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Rose Gold Watch – And I am in love with this watch. It’s simple classic and chic. I love that Daniel Wellington offers a variety of watch straps so we can never get tired of wearing it.

Swatch Full Blooded Gold – Another all time classic watch. It’s a great oversized watch and it has little gems inside.

Necklace – I love simple necklaces that helps to add a little character to the outfit. Years now I wear my name necklace – Πολίνα – (yes, from Sex and the City) and sometimes this little white beads necklace.

Ring – I bought this ring before 3 years and I wear it every day. Its minimal and geometric gold ring and I absolutely love the shape.

Earring – The pearl studs earrings are my favourites. They are classic and chic. Also I love the little diamonds earrings. They are cute and they have the perfect size.

What is your everyday jewellery??


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