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Double cleansing, I am addicted to youuuu!

Hey there lovely people! My favourite month of N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R is finally here!!!! Entering the last month of autumn is always an exciting time for me: not only because we are slowly, but steadily getting into the X-mas mood; but also because I am a November baby and I am super-duper excited for my upcoming birthday, which is a big Y-A-Y for me J

During the last few weeks I found myself a new addiction in a form of an online beauty destination and have been pretty good at combining usefulness with pleasure. Usefulness being that I get to experiment with some trendy Korean beauty products and share my thoughts with you here on my blog and pleasure being that in preparation for my birthday, I have also been treating myself to some extra TLC. What a win – win situation, don’t you think J If you are just tuning in, you can read more about IamSoPretty and my take on K-beauty in my previous posts.

To carry on with my series of blog posts on Asian Skincare, I am dedicating today’s post to what should probably be one of the most important steps in any girl’s skincare routine – that’s cleansing and not just any cleansing, but double cleansing! Carry on reading to find out why you should start double cleansing today…

Double cleansing isn’t something new; in fact in Korea and Japan it’s been part of every women’s regular skincare routine for many years. While it has not been as popular in the Western beauty culture, over the last few years, this critical steps in skincare has been getting more and more love and it has been discussed numerously by beauty influencers in the US and Europe. And let me tell you that it is so WORTH all the hype!

Personally, it took me a while to dare to try this step out. Mostly because of my oily T-zone and the fact that I would have to put oil :O on my face! But once I did, cleansing my face became one of my favourite steps in my skincare. I have been implementing this step in my daily regimen for the last couple of years and I so wish I had discovered it in my teens… life would just be so much easier now. So I wish for everyone to learn about it and the sooner the better… you will know what I mean after just a couple of weeks of double cleansing J

Before we start getting into detail a quick shout out to all the busy ladies out there – trust me when I say that those extra 5-10 minutes in the evening of double cleansing will literally save your skin from future breakouts and all other yucky things that happen to our faces due to clogged pores! So here we go…

As you can imagine, double cleansing is essentially cleaning your face twice. It all starts with an oil-cleanser, followed by a foam/gel-cleanser. Read more about the benefits of each step and see how it all works next.

*photo courtesy of IamSoPretty

Step 1 – Oil based cleanser

The idea behind the first step of the double cleansing method (oil-cleanser or a balm-cleanser) is to get rid off the oil-based debris such as make-up, sunscreen, sebum and general impurities that a foam-based cleanser is not able to deal with, simply because oil and water don’t mix, which is very logical if you think about it.

Also, note that double cleansing is suitable and is actually recommended for all skin types. Whether you have an oily, dry or sensitive skin type; there is a double cleanser out there for you. Don’t want to break your bank or start with a more affordable oil-cleanser? Thankfully, the beauty market is filled with double cleansers for any budget requirement.

So far I have tried two brands of oil-cleansers: I started off with The Body Shop’s Chamomile Cleansing Oil and right now I am using Shu Uemura’s Ultimate 8 Cleansing Oil. The latter one has been my favourite out of the two. It gently, but effectively melts away make-up, leaving the skin moisturised, smooth with a feeling of a fresh and clean face. I am, however, running out of this product pretty soon, which gives me a perfect opportunity to broaden my oil-cleanser horizon J So I have asked my K-beauty experts to help me choose a Korean oil-cleanser and I was suggested the Skinfood’s Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil. I look forward to trying it out and sharing my thoughts with you guys! If you are too on the market for an oil-cleanser, I would recommend There you can find the best oil-cleanser for your skin type and, if you are lost and need some help the girls over there are so sweet and would love to help you out. They have recently implemented a live chat option; so feel free to seek professional advice right there on the spot J

Now, here is how you would use an oil-cleanser:

1. Wash your hands and dry them with a clean towel

2. Either pump the oil-cleanser or scoop some oil-balm onto your hands (the amount depends on the amount of make-up you are wearing and personal preference)

3. Rub the oil between your palms, warming it up first, and then gently massage it onto your dry, un-washed face. Use circular motions directing outward to really get the oil into your pores, but try to be gentle at the same time. As you massage the oil onto your face you will notice the make-up melting away

4. After minimum 30 seconds up to 2-3 minute, start applying a little bit of water first onto your palms and then to your face to emulsify the oil. You will see it turning milky. Keep adding the water until all of it has emulsified

5. Rinse your face a few more times to remove all the leftover oil off of your face

6. Continue with a foam-cleanser

My insight: I prefer to use my oil-cleanser mostly at nights as I feel that I don’t really need it for my morning routine. However, I know girls that swear by implementing the double cleansing method day and night, so I will let you be the judge of it. I guess it all depends on a personal preference.

Step 2 – Foam/Gel-based cleanser

Next up is a foam/gel-based cleanser – a more familiar version of a face wash for us Westerners J Most of these cleansers are water-based and include foam, gel, milky and creamy cleansers. During this second step of the double cleansing method, foam-cleanser will help you draw out water-based debris such as sweat and any leftover dirt. I really enjoy this step, especially after spending a long day at the office or being out and about. After using both an oil-cleanser and a foam-cleanser is when I feel my skin is completely cleansed. I have tried a lot of foam-cleanser in my day and different versions of it too, but my favourite so far has been Shiseido’s Ibuki Purifying Cleanser. It has a thick, creamy texture with micro-granules, which are very gentle on the skin, but also works extremely good as a mild everyday exfoliator (these days I am using Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser). On some days when I really need it, in addition to my foam-cleanser I also use my Clarisonic Mia2.

Since, I have been into all Korean lately, my plan for the near future is to try out a Korean foam-cleanser from the IamSoPretty collection. That way I can have a complete idea of the K-beauty skincare routine.

Here is how you can use a foam/gel-based cleanser:

1. Squeeze some foam-cleanser onto your palms, add a bit of water and work it into a rich lather

2. Gently massage the foam all over your face, stroking in small circles. Concentrate a little bit more on the problem areas (it may be nose, forehead or chin) and do not ignore your neck too

3. After minimum 30 seconds up to 2-3 minutes rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry your face with a clean towel

My insight: Unlike my oil-cleanser, I use my foam-cleanser day and night, but again it depends on your skin type and personal preference.

This is on the double cleansing method for today. I hope this information was helpful to you and please feel free to share your thoughts on this subject. I would love to hear from you. Let me know if you tried to double cleanse? If yes, how you found your experience to be? If not, would you like to try it after reading my article?

Thanks for reading and come back for more soon…


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